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Wal-Mart backs Arizona Immigration Law

May 30, 2010 by


Show me your papers My wife and I were shopping at Walmart the other day and on the way out the store she mentioned to me that Walmart displays a statement similar to that of the Arizona Law on its receipts.  I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at the receipt.  Sure enough in […]

Moodys Credit rating cut deals blow to Spain – America could be next

May 28, 2010 by


Look out! this is going to get everyone.   With looming inflation just around the corner due to the massive amounts of currency printed by Obama’s buddies at the Fed.  With un-employment at 10% and the certainty of some type of Cap and trade bill you can bet that America will see financial problems far greater […] DEEMS new Book Genre, 'Glenn Beck Show Books'

May 28, 2010 by


Amazon creates genre for Glenn Beck’s recommended reading.  Its hard to believe one man can have the influence that Beck has had.  Its strange I have always enjoyed sitting watching the Discovery channels Discover this mummy and dig up that Tomb.   Walk through the underground cities and see the Amazon.  But I never really spent […]

Immigration BaseBall, AZ Law gets on 1st base, MA. Law hits a double

May 27, 2010 by


Well things are starting to stir on the immigration diamond.  With Arizona getting on 1st base with a hit to Centrist America field and Mass coming up to bat the crowd is getting rowdy.  The opponents have started chanting racist racist racist form the dugout and the outfield rings out with No hay reglas! No […]

Posey to Pelosi: Give up personal jet

May 27, 2010 by


Does it seem like each day a congressman grows a set of balls. I personally think that it is actually just one set of balls, The Loaned Rangers, passed around amongst the members.  That means that  Michele Bachmann as the keeper of the ‘Loaned Rangers’ when the rest of congress is not using them.  That […]

Chris Dodd blames George W. Bush for Gulf oil spill

May 27, 2010 by


Hey, it’s worked before. If you watch no other video today, you gotta watch this one. Don Imus on the Fox Business Network Tuesday interviewing jolly old Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, who was forced into retirement by the certainty of defeat this November. Like pretty much everyone else on the planet except the […]

APNewsBreak: New, giant sea oil plume seen in Gulf

May 27, 2010 by


NEW ORLEANS – Marine scientists have discovered a massive new plume of what they believe to be oil deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico, stretching 22 miles from the leaking wellhead northeast toward Mobile Bay, Alabama. The discovery by researchers on the University of South Florida College of Marine Science’s Weatherbird II vessel is the […]

Sestak White House scandal called ‘impeachable offense’

May 27, 2010 by


“This is a pretty extraordinary charge: ‘They tried to bribe me out of the race by offering me a job,'” he said on Greta Van Susteran’s “On the Record” program on the Fox News Channel. “Look, that’s a violation of the federal code: 18 USC 600 says that a federal official cannot promise employment, a […]

BREAKING – Obama Fearing Revolution Against Him By The States : 14 State Governors Have Reestablished State Militia Defense Forces To Be Ready Against Federal Forces! « Political Ape

May 27, 2010 by


I saw this head line and had to take a double on it. I was and have been aware of the state militias and guard units many states have that do not answer to the federal Looter and chief. However I had not heard things stated as such yet as political ape does here and […]

Carville screams at Obama – "put somebody in charge of the oil spill. We are about to die down here."

May 26, 2010 by


Obama ‘put somebody in charge of this thing.  We are about to die down here.” Carville asserts that Obama is Politically Stupid.  He also blames Bush calling them inept bureaucrats of the previous administration.  Carville then goes on to assert that Obama if intelligent would use the Oil Spill for Political gain as a way […]

Top White House Official Michael Strautmanis: Let’s Remake Society, Including The Media

May 26, 2010 by


Originally Posted by the Editor of 05:16 AM 05/20/2012 ( YourDaddy’s Politics has added all photos & all Videos and few links to more information) I was doing some research on Buffy Wicks one day when I came across a pdf of a discussion between White House officials, community activists, and artists.  It’s a […]

Leaked Spanish Report: Obama’s Model ‘Green Economy’ is a Disaster

May 26, 2010 by


Folks I have been stating stuff about the Spanish and Greek economies for almost 2 years now.  Yea I know the blog is only a month old but my FB profile for two years, and My Twitter account since I started, are living testimonies to my claim.  I have been stating how we […]

Is Obama's F.C.C. looking for an 'Incredible Revolution' in America?

May 26, 2010 by


Well here we go again America.  Down the slippery path to an ‘incredible revolution – a democratic revolution’. It is all about control of the media.  Who can own what who can broadcast here.  Who  can say this on TV and also print it in the newspapers.  Can you own a TV station and a radio […]

Herman Cain’s ‘Prayerful Consideration’ may result in bid for the White House in 2012!

May 25, 2010 by


A few weeks back  on the  Herman Cain show.  I heard something that was thrilling.   I could feel a tingle run down my… no thats not.. never mind.  Many of the callers to his show that night kept repeating the same thing.  “‘When are you going to announce a run for President?”  Over and over […]

Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick – Obama's Opponents are Seditious

May 24, 2010 by


We seem to keep getting inflamed rhetoric from the progressives in elected positions that would paint those that simply voice a strong opinion about Obama’s polices as ‘anti American’.  We have Congressman Wiener as our new McCarthy.  And now Obama’s buddy Deval Patrick claiming that the most outspoken people that disagree with Obama are acting seditiously.  Excuse […]

CBS Propaganda Placement: Conspiracy Theorists Are Anti-American, Domestic Terrorists

May 24, 2010 by


It is no wonder that these signs can be seen in programming from the State influenced media like CBS.  It is really hard to get my hands around something this distressing sometimes though as I know Gary Sinise conservative, I know FACTUALLY he is a stand up guy for those that serve our country ion harms way. […]

Crime inc ~ Glenn Beck ReTweets @notalemming on Twitter

May 24, 2010 by


RT @sheenashina1964: @glennbeck Crime Inc ~ CCX – CCFE Seventh Annual Member Meeting #tcot #tlot #climate #BP #gore about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck Ever since the Crime Inc stuff broke on Glenn Beck I have been on the topic looking daily for more information to help disclose the cap and trade scam.  Something […]

Media Matters Smears Glenn Beck over 'Joel Rogers' comments

May 24, 2010 by


Media Matters Claims Beck distorted the Joel Rogers comments on his TV show.  I contest that Media Matters did not do the enough research.  Carl Pope of the Sierra Club stated in an sit down with Van Jones that by the time he dies we, America, will no longer be the worlds greatest ec0nomy, but we […]

Anchor babies may loose birth right in America

May 23, 2010 by


The author of Arizona’s immigration law, state Sen. Russell Pearce, told constituents he wants to pass another measure to invalidate citizenship granted to the children of illegal aliens. Pearce wrote that he plans to “push for an Arizona bill that would refuse to accept or issue a birth certificate that recognizes citizenship to those born […]

Voters DEEM Djou winner in Hawaii special election

May 22, 2010 by


The results are for ballots mailed in or dropped off through Friday and a portion of ballots received today, accounting for most of the votes cast in the winner-take-all special election. The Office of Elections plans to release a final count later tonight. Djou would serve out the remaining months of former congressman Neil Abercrombie’ […]

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