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Mexican prisoners released to carry out cartel revenge murders.

July 31, 2010 by


Prosecutors in Mexico have accused the director and guards at a prison of letting inmates out and lending them guns and vehicles to carry out drug-related killings. The inmates, who are members of drug cartels, were believed to be behind three mass shootings, including the massacre of 17 people at a party earlier this month, […]

Leaked Memo: Obama administration and USCIS plan immigration reform without Congress.

July 31, 2010 by


Roxana Bacon is working close with the Obama administration to find a way around immigration reform and granting indefinite stay extensions  if not outright amnesty to all illegal aliens present in the US now.  Yes, permanent status.  Bacon was with the 9th circuit so the left runs deep is in her blood. Longtime Phoenix immigration […]

Vince Warren of the Center for Constitutional Rights called for a Moratorium on all Immigration laws.

July 30, 2010 by


Vince Warren of Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), thinks Obama should have a moratorium on all immigration laws.  Even in the face of national security, which we all know Obama does not care about anyway he decries that these laws be held up until we can get more comprehensive laws in place.   HE does not want […]

Obama Administration Redefines Racism

July 30, 2010 by


The Obama Administration has a new ‘Regulation on Racism’. Executive order 666 designates what REAL racism is and how it may be applied prior to the November 2010 and 2012 elections.

Tax Payer funded NEA promotes Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

July 29, 2010 by


The article written below is about the NEA and indoctrination.} Keep in mind the NEA receives Tax payer funds. By The P/Oed Patriot You send your kids to Public School everyday trusting that those who influence them for more hours a day than you do, are honest, trust worthy and are only interested in […]

Daily Kos Editor : Climate Skeptics Should Commit Suicide

July 29, 2010 by


A Daily Kos contributing editor has suggested that “Steve Milloy and his buddies” commit suicide or be euthanized apparently for the crime of opposing global warming alarmism. Amid a rant on his blog about skeptics “carpet-bomb[ing] newspaper editorial pages with climate change disinformation…], Steven Alexander, who writes for Daily Kos under the nom-de-plume “Darksyde,” […]

Quo Warranto ~ How to take on Obama and his Marxist Minions!

July 29, 2010 by


Image via Wikipedia We the People of the Republic known as America, the ones that still believe America is Great and is in fact a REPUBLIC, are going to have to eventually stand up for what we believe in, our Constitution.  At some point this Obama administration is going to validate itself to everyone as […]

SEC Says New FinReg Law Exempts It From Public Disclosure

July 28, 2010 by


So much for transparency. Under a little-noticed provision of the recently passed financial-reform legislation, the Securities and Exchange Commission no longer has to comply with virtually all requests for information releases from the public, including those filed under the Freedom of Information Act. The law, signed last week by President Obama, exempts the SEC from […]

Oil Spill the Time line and how Obama blew it

July 27, 2010 by


Oil Spill the Time line and how Obama blew it!

Tom Tancredo calls for the Impeachment of Obama

July 23, 2010 by


Image via Wikipedia Tom Tancredo calls for Obama’s impeachment to begin.  America is behind you sir!  We are disgusted with what Obama has done to America and we know that another 18 months will be to late to go back.  We may be too late already.  The interview before shows Megan Kelly of Fox news […]

Lindsey Graham the Canker Sore on the face of the Republican Party.

July 21, 2010 by


The heros : Only 6 Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against the nominee. They are Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, John Kyle, R-Arizona, Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and John Cornyn, R-Texas.

Murder Inc ~ The Obama Assassination list includes dozens of American Citizens.

July 21, 2010 by


    Many of these FACTS are just flat out hard to believe but they are all very much true.  The Obama administration has adopted policies that would have had the left dragging George Bush through the streets by the head of his hair had he attempted to get away with these.  Can you imagine […]

Media actively worked to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright jr.

July 21, 2010 by


In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”

Windy City blows off Big Labor!

July 20, 2010 by


Can America Afford Labor Unions? Could it be that the city of Chicago has finally had enough?  Is it possible that residents of this huge metropolis could be awakening from the years of abuse hidden by drunken effect  democrat entitlement kool-aid?  Well if the Thug City Chicago can start to see the light then Maybe we may still have […]

Joe Wilson Was Right – Obama You Lie!

July 20, 2010 by


Obama has seen to it that anywhere from $10 billion to $30 billion dollars goes into public funding for approximately 11 million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS for Medicare and Medicaid Health Care reimbursement. Joe Wilson Was Right – Obama You Lie! AMERICA HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH YET? Well Hang on then, here is some more. Join the rest of Sane […]

Labor Unions preventing funding for Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

July 20, 2010 by


Unions Holding Up Cash for the Troops Bill will also nationalize our first responders, policemen and firemen. Last week the Washington Times had a story that should enrage every true American. The Democrat Congress is allowing Big Labor’s needs to come before the needs of our troops. The supplemental budget that Congress is considering is […]

George Soros tied to producers of radio ad accusing Glenn Beck of Preaching False Gospel.

July 15, 2010 by


The story below by Chris Good is all accurate. I want to add a bit of foundation about the ad and the people behind the ad though,  It helps to know your opponent. 1) The ad is produced by Faith in Public Life. On the Board of Directors of Faith in Public Life; Fred Rotondaro […]

Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats

July 15, 2010 by


Nothing needs to be added here. This video has all the words that need to be heard.

The Answer is, GEORGE SOROS! HA! And You thought Obama Was President of the United States.

July 14, 2010 by


  The following information is 100% from editors Thanks to the AMERICANS at for being such true patriots MAKE COMMIEBLASTER.COM A DAILY PART OF YOUR LIFE No Really tell me… Who is the 44th President of the United States?   The Felon Who’s Steering America and Your Tax Money, that is Who. AMERICA’S […]

Mel Gibson Threatens to kill Cracker Babies. So Where is ABC, MsNBC, Or even TMZ?

July 14, 2010 by


Mel Gibson was caught on tape spewing a vile, hate-filled racist rant and has exclusively obtained the audio proof. So by now we all know Mel needs to get some help. But while you are here reading about Mel Gibson perhaps you would also like to read about some REAL RACISM that does not […]

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