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Roswell 1948: Are Hybrid Aliens Running America?

July 29, 2011 by


Take me to your leader? On July 8, 1947 a UFO crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch outside Roswell, New Mexico. In April 1948, nine months after that historic day, the following people were born: Albert A. Gore, Jr. Hillary Rodham John F. Kerry William J. Clinton Howard Dean Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Charles […]

Did Obama Confirm on Twitter he has Multiple Personalities

July 29, 2011 by


Thanks for contacting your legislators, and for sticking with us amid our tweeting today. We’re done now, we swear. NOTE the disclaimer at the top : This account is run by #Obama2012 campaign staff. Tweets from the President are signed -BO. He even thinks he is his own campaign staff! jab… Just a thought.  It […]

Worry? – Moody’s: “There is no immediate downgrade if debt deal misses deadline”

July 29, 2011 by


What? No more Scare tactics? What? All of a sudden, out of the blue now, even Moodys recognizes that Obama and Tax-Cheat Timmy can squeeze many more days if not months out of the current federal revenue already being generated each month.  No need to postulate and tell more lies to the elderly about not […]

“MARTIAL LAW” Rule In New Debt Bill; Reconcile this & Slaughter that! Sound familiar?

July 29, 2011 by


“Martial Law” ‘suspending normal procedures and safeguards’ Reconcile this & Slaughter that! Sound familiar? ObamaCare! SUBMITTED FROM ANON Taken from a release in 2006 What is “Martial Law”? The House leadership is using a parliamentary gambit to evade a longstanding House rule that is supposed to ensure that this kind of obfuscation does not […]

You can run but you can’t hide! Google buys Facial Biometrics company

July 29, 2011 by


“Wheres Waldo?” Right there! Just think about it.  Google, who is already under fire for ‘Secret’ Relationship with the NSA, DoD and other nefarious government Agencies, will be able to deploy its new facial recognition software across untold gigs of videos.  They will truly be “The Big Brother of the Internet” with everything from […]

Time Traveling? Or is Wikileaks Re-Publishing Cables in attempt to stay relevant (via Ameristroika)

July 28, 2011 by


This post originally caught my eye last year, I mean the first time WikiLeaks LEAKED it. So Wiki Tiki Tock…. Assange has used all his stock! What was it Vladamir Lenin called them? Oh yeah… Useful Idiots! In December 2010 we published a criticism on Wikileaks publishing secret and confidential cables regarding the Bulgarian organized […]

Operation Fast and Furious; Holder Lied, Agents Died? ( via

July 28, 2011 by


INDICTMENTS HAVE BEEN ISSUED Posted 07/26/2011 06:41 PM ET Scandal: As hearings reveal the attorney general to be either a charlatan or a boob, word comes of possible FBI complicity in letting guns “walk” into Mexico, ordered by an administration pushing gun control. If there was any doubt that Project Gunrunner and its offshoot, Operation […]

White House implicated by ATF Manager in Fast and Furious Gunwalking scandal (CBS News)

July 27, 2011 by


Looks like we have another liar in the White House! How much more will the American people that love freedom endure from these tyrants.  From Bush to Obama.  Tyranny currently triumphs in America but this will not last.  As Americans wake up the liars in control will be shut down, most snarled in their own […]


July 27, 2011 by


Default? Default my ass! The word default is being used as ‘scare propaganda‘.  The current levels of tax revenue will allow the US Treasury to pay the debt service and it will not have any effect what so ever on SSI or Veteran pay. Uploaded by cctvnewschannel on Jul 26, 2011 The International Monetary Fund’s […]

‘Fast and Furious’ scandal grows with revelation that Mexican cartel suspects may be paid U.S. informants

July 26, 2011 by


The FBI had cartel members on the payroll From The Times report: Sources said investigators had “very real indications from several sources” that some of the cartel leaders the ATF was trying to identify through Fast and Furious were “already known” to the other agencies and apparently had “been paid as informants.” Finally, Melson said, […]

Senators Kerry and Luger were told that ‘Gunwalking’ was part of Operation Fast and Furious in March 2009

July 26, 2011 by


TESTIMONY GIVEN BEFORE THE UNITED STATES SENATE COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS HEARING ENTITLED “SOUTHERN BORDER VIOLENCE: HOMELAND SECURITY THREATS, VULNERABILITIES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES” The following is an excerpt of Statements given under oath by Joseph M. Arabit, Special Agent in charge of  the ElPaso DEA and Deputy Assistant Director of the BATF, William, (Bill) McMahon.  The […]

Candidate Allen West claims his opponent released his Social Security number

July 26, 2011 by


West: “It is not about character assassination, its about destruction of my family” Related articles ALLEN WEST fans, this one’s for you! ( Is Allen West being smeared with the ‘angry black man’ brush? ( Allen West defends ‘sexist’ comments by implying Democrats are racists ( West Takes the “Politically” Out of Correct – Tea […]

Rep. Chaffetz “Fast and Furious” Witness Questioning : July 26 2011

July 26, 2011 by


Special Agent Newell: “The Purchases were being made by Criminals.” YA THINK?!!! CBS News reports: In advance of a hearing later today, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a report containing new testimony and allegations in the ATF gunwalker case. According to the report, Carlos Canino, Acting ATF Attache in Mexico, calls […]

Where are the Jobs?

July 26, 2011 by


Well President Oblah’blah? Uploaded by JohnBoehner on Oct 16, 2010 This video highlights how Republicans have successfully made ‘where are the jobs?’ part of the national lexicon and turned it into a potent weapon against out-of-touch Washington Democrats on the most critical issue Americans are concerned about. The recent disappointing jobs report demonstrates the pressing […]

We Did It! Mainstream Coverage of Bilderberg 2011 (via News Worldwide)

July 26, 2011 by


Next, The ‘BOHEMIAN GROVE’! America and well the rest of the world needs to know about what actually goes on behind these closed doors. Did you know that Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich both were at BOHEMIAN GROVE in 2004 where it was understood at that time that RICK PERRY WOULD RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN […]

City Council Bans Free Speech in Private Homes, Group Meetings

July 22, 2011 by


Coming to a town near you! Uploaded by MacSlavo on Jul 18, 2011 More at Via Alex Thomas at The Intel Hub A small Arkansas town of 850 is attempting to ban groups from meeting to talk about the city without first getting permission from the city itself. In a move reminiscent of Nazi […]

Elaborate $200 Million Welfare Housing Project

July 20, 2011 by


Includes $44.5 Million in Federal Grants Here is a development in Tacoma WA (Salishan) that was built for Illegal Immigrants! 1325 Homes created! Refugee Pay offers them $2642 per month in SSI benefits, plus Food Stamps, plus Section 8 Housing. You will see new expensive cars in this video. Wouldn’t you like to get a […]

Despotism 1946 or 2011 or Both

July 20, 2011 by


Obama; Selected not Elected An Encyclopedia Britannica newsreel made to educate classrooms about political science. A fascinating and frightening look at how to judge the level of freedom in your community. Very pertinent today when I believe we are on the verge of a real fruition of a movement. Hopefully, people taking a look at […]

WH bin Laden photo timeline shows severe gaps; extracted file data reveals

July 17, 2011 by


A detailed analysis of the White House photos from the Osama bin Laden mission show severe discrepancies in the timeline of events. A detailed review of the EXIF data, which can implement data from shutter speed to geo-location, has been thoroughly examined by From their analysis of the White House official Flickr: Based on […]

FALSE FLAG ATF Lies! Guns Not Tracked To Get Big Fish, All Low Level Guys.

July 15, 2011 by


DOJ-ATF In Cover-Up Mode! Uploaded by VexZeez on Jun 9, 2011 White House ‘strategy’ on Project Gunrunner documented Is report the ‘smoking gun’ in controversy over guns-to-Mexico? May 23, 2011 By Michael Carl A document linked to a news story about the controversial Project Gunrunner may prove to be the “smoking gun” in the Obama […]

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