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Walton co. Schools Extorting Money from Children. ‘Pay to Play’

February 27, 2012 by


Walton County Georgia My granddaughter came home from her school this past Friday with a notebook full of her graded test from the week and some new reading assignments along with the normal stuff for a second grader.  Well guess what else she had?  Check this out.  A reminder of events coming up the next […]

Trillion Dollar Terror Exposed, Bush, Greenspan, Gietner and Obama are all implicated.

February 26, 2012 by


In fact, Lord James has offered a wealth of documents which, when combined with the 2000 pages of Wanta “discovery” from the Federal Court, constitutes more than prima facia evidence of money laundering, conversion, terrorism or worse.

More attacks on Mitt Romney and Faith in America from the Democrat left

February 26, 2012 by


Reprint While at a panel on state ballot initiatives on December 9th, 2006, Joel Rogers, an avowed Marxist and the founder of the Apollo Alliance, author of the Obama 2008 stimulus plan and the original thinker for “High Road” economics, AKA Wealth Redistribution via prison and Union labor, once again shows the true colors of […]

Rep. Kathy Hochul (d-NY) “Basically, We’re Not Looking to the Constitution” when it Comes to ObamaCare Mandates

February 25, 2012 by


NY Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul: F*ck the Constitution! New York Democrat Rep. Kathy Hochul (NY CD-26) was asked at a Town Hall Meeting yesterday where the Constitution allows the Federal Government to require a “private or religious organization to pay for anything for free?” Rep Hochul’s answer? “Well, basically, we’re not looking to the Constitution […]

Through the years, Democrats on Gas Prices

February 24, 2012 by


Liars 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 On Feb 23 2012, three years into his administration,  Obama had this to say. Admitting that rising gas prices are hurting Americans’ wallets, the president argued that his administration is not to blame for the high cost of oil. And then Obama’s radical EPA is inserting a […]

Santorum: Obama is A Drug Dealer Trying To Get You Hooked On Entitlements

February 22, 2012 by


And that is why they call him The Food Stamp President Uploaded by Akaczynski1 on Feb 22, 2012 From a 2010 speech. Santorum: Obama is A Drug Dealer Trying To Get You Hooked On Entitlements

Rick Santorum, Faith, Your Bedroom and the US Constitution.

February 17, 2012 by


Santorum 2012, Really? Up until two days ago I was pulling for Rick Santorum to take the republican nomination!  I am a Christian and I want to see Christian values and morals restored in America.  Rick Santorum says he does too.   But then it happened,  I saw this video and lost my ‘faith’ in Santorum.  […]

LIVE VIDEO : Greece burns while the West speeds towards Socialism

February 16, 2012 by


Anarchist burning it all down in Athens! (Reuters) – Greece’s jobless rate rose to a fresh record of 20.9 percent in November, highlighting the pain imposed by austerity on ordinary Greeks as the country negotiates a new pain-for-gain package with its EU and IMF lenders. Industrial output also got worse, statistics service ELSTAT data showed, […]

Sex with Children for Dummies

February 15, 2012 by


Planned Eugenics-Hood Uploaded by AmericanLifeLeague on Feb 6, 2012 Planned Parenthood exposes children to sexual material in order to seed a generation of sex addicts, who will become future customers for the abortion giant. WARNING: This report exposes Planned Parenthood’s sex programs using images from Planned Parenthood’s own websites and events. Turn on YouTube Annotations to make links […]

Sen. Orin Hatch: A Budget Resolution is Legally Required. So Who is accountable?

February 15, 2012 by


Obama’s Divinely Inspired Budget Orin Hatch: “We have not seen a budget resolution from the Senate Budget Committee  in 3 years despite the fact it is legally required“.  Hey thanks for pointing that out sparky, Now tell the American people who is responsible and how they intend to hold them accountable for this infraction.  This is what I want to […]

Max Baucus: 2+2=5 Obama’s 2013 Budget and ‘Them The People’ are Stupid

February 14, 2012 by


Was you born last night too? Max Baucus, well how do I start this one? Let me think, oh no wait!  The deceptocrats obviously do not want us to think or we the people might realize that if every $1 of unemployment benefits that is given at least $2 of real growth is seen is […]

WH Economic Adviser: “This Is A Democratic Budget” And “We Need A Global Minimum Tax”

February 13, 2012 by


Global Government from Obama’s Admin Sperling at the WH says Obama’s latest budget is a democratic budget and that Obama wants a global minimum tax. America we are being handed over to the United Nations and they will appoint a George Soros approved head of the world.  You will get no vote no say so […]

Napolitano Caught Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist, Giving Him Top-Secret Security Clearance

February 12, 2012 by


I hear the Gallows calling! Uploaded by GohmertTX01 on Oct 26, 2011 Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) questioned the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano about her interaction with Homeland Security Advisory Committee Members and the Advisory Committee’s communication with local law enforcement. Related articles Janet Napolitano Gives Secret Clearance to the Muslim Brotherhood ( Pamela Geller, WND: Big […]

Who Knew About Fast & Furious? Not Just ATF and Justice Department

February 10, 2012 by


Arrest Holder Uploaded by oversightandreform on Feb 10, 2012 Fox News’ William LaJeunesse travels to Sasabe, AZ to discuss recent developments in investigating who knew what regarding Operation Fast & Furious regarding agencies beyond the Justice Department.

Coal Powered Green Car Charging Station at WalGreens

February 9, 2012 by


Hidden Taxes This is pretty sneaky. I wonder how many people think this power just comes out of the ground? Perhaps these greentards think this is magic solar powered Popsicle stick  that instead of melting in the sun leaches energy from the sun and it is stored in invisible floating flywheels.  Bet that last part […]

Occupy Phoenix, Feb 11th to Officially announce Recall campaign on Gov. Jan Brewer

February 7, 2012 by


Recall, the ignorance of the left. Looks like the recall effort against “proven to work legislation” that we have seen to actually work is under assault by the leftist, ‘Occutards’ and Marxist led labor unions again.  But we know these reforms work just by looking at  the reforms that Scott Walker signed into law in […]

Breaking News : 5 Major US Banks to Default — Ellis Martin Report With Jim Sinclair

February 2, 2012 by


Going.. Going….. Goooooone!   In this unedited interview with Ellis Martin, Jim Sinclair reveals an impending undeclared default of 5 major US banks this week per the ISDA International Swaps and Derivatives Association related to events in Europe. Watch, listen and learn. More here : http://www.ellismartinreport.com Related articles Jim Sinclair: ISDA to determine this week […]

Facebook gets apparent DDoS attack with their IPO

February 2, 2012 by


Look Ma! No FaceBook! Is it possible that Facebook is getting DDoS attacked today the day they go public?  The first day of the Facebook IPO the companies $100 billion vulnerability is shown to current and would be investors of this capitalist birthright as an American concept. Think about it.  They have announced The creation of 100s […]

New Jersey: Assembly Committee to Consider Ammo Ban

February 1, 2012 by


They are coming to take them away haaa haaaa hoo hoo heeeee heee……. Uploaded by SGTbull07 on Jan 29, 2012 If you thought the NDAA S.1867 was a nightmare, now they want our ammunition, and by proxy – our guns. This is the line in the sand. The Second Amendment is all we have standing between the people […]

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