US House Hearings: 'Transocean is poisoning the Gulf of Mexico food chain with COREXIT'

Posted on June 10, 2010 by


Since the first stories broke about underwater oil plumes associated with the dispersants being used. Why COREXIT?

May 19th a hearing was held by the House Committee on Transportation and infrastructure.  Dr. Mitchelmore testified about the dispersants.   She stated the dispersant COREXIT that is being used, (developed by NALCO) is most toxic and the least effective the 15 available oil dispersants.

Dr. Mitchelemore

It just happens to be the one that the most testing has been done with. Two chemical configurations of COREXIT have been used so far. COREXIT is Kerosene based and rates toxic to both shrimp and fish.  One version of COREXIT is more toxic to fish than the other and vise verse for the other version of COREXIT.

So why is it that Transocean is not using the other dispersants? You need to follow the rest of this story here. It is a long and tangled web but it is coming undone. Please read all of text and do the research your self. Follow the links and confirm what you are seeing for your self.

Here is an update video from Tom Harkin about the dispersants and the poison to the food chain.