Peaceful Islam- Muslims Burn CHURCH in Serbia

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So you still need more proof Islam IS the religion of Peace?  How about a Church burning.  Oh that little Quran Burning in Florida is  nothing!  Look what the Peaceful loving Muslims of Islam do for fun on the weekends, or I guess any day is a good day for them to wreak havoc on Christians.  What a loving bunch.  Makes you feel all warm inside.

Peaceful Muslims just passing the time… while BURNING A Christian Church.

A serbian christian church was set in flames and desacrated by muslim Albanians during the pogram in 2004 (Podujevo – 19.03.2004). UN-soldiers stand by or flee instead of defending this Christian earth. Why this wasn´t shown in the news around the world? Maybe because of the serbs were still right! The crosses are still fallen – not in iraq, in europe!!! It was just one of over 130 destroyed or desacrated churches. So the islam is getting closer to europe step by step – but in this case the eyes of the UN are watching it.

Have you ever seen the vine / weed Kudzu? Islam is like Kudzu.
Kudzu grows very fast and consumes everything in its path.  Eventually the kudzu is all that remains of any vegetation or life form.

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